Campus Beautification and Stewardship

Brad Bergstrom* (Chair)

Nancy A. Sartin*

Esther Iverson*

Jennifer E Breneiser*

Jeremy Bauer*

Lois Bellflowers*

Ron Seacrist*

Jill Ferrell*

Shirley P Andrews

Emily G Cantonwine

J Richard Carter

Linda R Most

Marc G Pufong

Aristotel Santas

Shirley E Thompson


Resource Conservation

Tommy Crane* (Chair)

Tanya Lee*

Theresa J. Grove*

Traycee Martin*

Vicki Wetter*

Arsalan Wares*

Tim Brunt*

Luke Jones*

Karen Noll

Amber Blocker (S.A.V.E. representative) 



Sebastian Bartos* (Chair)

Steve Scheuler*

Scott Piepenburg*

Cindy Tori*

Jason Allard*

Helena Krumbacher*

Meredith Lancaster*

Ray Sable*

Rebecca Green

* member of EIC

Campus Beautification and Stewardship is the body designated by the VSU Tree Preservation and Maintenance Policy (TPMP) that the administration is required to consult regarding any and all proposals for tree removals on campus.  The subcommittee also works with Plant Operations (Grounds) to oversee, enforce and implement other aspects of the TPMP, including care, maintenance, and planning for new plantings and landscaping.  The subcommittee is charged with approving expenditures from the Jewel Whitehead endowment for the purpose of campus beautification.

Resource Conservation (RC) is responsible for evaluating energy and water usage on campus in both internal and external environments, making recommendations for ways in which conservation can be improved, and providing education programs to increase participation in resource conservation on campus.

Recycling is responsible for recommendations regarding institutional policies or improvements in the areas of recycling and pertinent maintenance practices.  The subcommittee seeks to work closely with Plant Operations and other relevant administrative units to promote goals of recycling and waste reduction in support of a better environment.