Campaign Opportunities



Student Enrichment ($20.9M) 

Outright Scholarships: Outright scholarship funds will provide resources to VSU’s enrollment management so that strategic scholarship offers can be tailored to meet the diverse financial circumstances of both current students as well as students being recruited to attend VSU. 

Endowed Scholarships: Endowed scholarships will provide a secure stream of income to generate scholarship support for current and future generations of VSU students. Scholarship endowments totaling $12M will provide approximately $650,000 in annual scholarship support. 

Faculty Enhancement ($9.6M) 

In order to provide professional development opportunities to support the remarkable work being done by current faculty members and to ensure that VSU offers unique and attractive opportunities to entice outstanding new faculty, a variety of endowed faculty positions and projects will be funded. 

Program Opportunities ($10.25M)

College Excellence Funds: These funds provide spendable income to the academic leadership of each college to allow for programmatic and operational enhancements. 

Southeastern Center for Educational Innovation: The goal of this center will be to develop innovative approaches to creating more productive learning outcomes in K-12 education and teacher preparation. 

Marketing Resource Lab: The marketing resource lab will allow the newly created Department of Marketing to provide experiential learning opportunities through consultation projects with the local community. 

Center for Experiential Learning: The center for experiential learning will enable students to engage with members of the community to achieve learning outcomes in a real-world setting. 

Center for Business Engagement: The Langdale College of Business Administration will enlarge its reach throughout south Georgia and north Florida by providing a wide array of business consulting services to the greater business community. 

Center for Global e-Learning: Through traditional on-line teaching and prior-learning assessment, the Center for Global e-Learning will be a leading resource for adult learners in Georgia, the southeastern U.S., and beyond. 

Center for Healthcare IT: The addition of VSU’s Health Sciences and Business Administration Building carries with it the opportunity to develop new programs in healthcare informatics and other areas of the exploding healthcare IT industry. 

Athletics Excellence ($5.9M) 

Blazer Excellence Fund: This fund will help secure unrestricted support that allows Valdosta State to create a “margin of excellence” in its athletic programs. Flexible funds provide for post-season travel support, equipment and new uniform purchases, facility enhancements, and other emerging opportunities. 

Athletics Endowment: The athletics endowment will provide support for the Blazer’s Fifth-Year Aid Scholarship program. In addition, it will provide opportunities for students who wish to gain experience in athletics administration. 

Facility Upgrades ($6.6M) 

Renovation and Repair: Various campus structures require renovation. Examples include studios, practice rooms, and performance areas within the College of the Arts. 

These projects and dollar amounts are a representative sample of the types of projects and fund levels that could be presented to donors for their consideration. Through the life of the campaign, other projects will likely emerge. As with all fundraising initiatives, our donors will ultimately drive what projects receive campaign funds.