Fall 2016 Science Seminar

All Seminars will be held each THURSDAY in Powell Hall Auditorium at 4pm.

Powell Hall is located next door to the Bailey Science Center

September 1             

Science Seminar will be canceled this afternoon due to pending weather and eventual arrival of Hurricane Hermine.

September 8  

Got Milk? School Programs that Can Torture Some Children

Dr. Leslie Jones, Biology Department, VSU

Hosting Dept: Biology

September 15  

Performance: Lessons from Kenya

Dr. Dharini M. Bhammar, College of Nursing & Health Sciences, VSU

Hosting Dept: Biology

September 22  



Hosting Dept: 

September 29  

Plant Pathology at VSU

Dr. Emily Cantonwine, Professor, Dept. of Biology

Hosting Dept: Biology

October 6


Dr. Mark Blackmore, Dept of Biology, VSU

Hosting Dept: Biology

October 13


Seminar is canceled 

Hosting Dept:  

October 20


Dr. Thomas Manning, Department of Chemistry VSU 

Hosting Dept: Chemistry

October 27

Epidemiology and Management of Tomato Spotted Wilt in Peanut

Dr. Albert Culbreath, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Georgia

Tifton, GA

Hosting Dept: Biology

November 3

Foundation Species as drivers of Ecosystem Structure, Multifunctionality and Resilience

Dr. Christine Angelini, Environmental Engineering, University of Florida

Hosting Dept: Biology

November 10

New insight into the spatial distribution and codistribution of armadillo and gopher tortoise burrows based on point pattern analysis

Corey Anderson, Department of Biology, VSU

Hosting Dept: Biology

November 17

Water Desalination and Heat Exchange

Dr. Sean Barton, Linus Industries

Hosting Dept: Physics