Minor in Art History

  • Total Credit Hours: 18
  • Degree Format: Traditional

About this field

While images are omnipresent and influential in contemporary culture, they are rarely subjected to analysis. Course offerings in Art History teach students to analyze visual imagery – just like words and numbers – rather than simply consume the images that are all around us. In addition to instructing students in visual literacy, topics courses provide students with invaluable research, argumentation, writing, and prestation skills while also engaging meaningfully with important topics such as gender, race, and other social issues. Engaging deeply and meaningfully with the images of other times and places allows students to appreciate both similarities and differences between times, places, and people. Moreover, because postmodern visual culture so often appropriates styles and images from the past, students can learn to appreciate how the original context of an image informs and enriches its reuse.

What You'll Learn

This minor program is for students interested in art history who are pursuing a different major degree program. Students must take 18 semester hours of coursework to complete the art history minor.


  • Art Director
  • Art History Instructor
  • Arts Administrator
  • Gallery Owner
  • Museum Administrator
  • Museum Curator
  • Museum Educator
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