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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Degree

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • Degree Format: Traditional

Potential Careers

About this field

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program prepares students for the healthcare industry, currently one of the strongest employment sectors nationally. The program helps students to identify talents and interests in the field that can be developed within the program, leading to careers in fields such as medical assistance, healthcare informatics, marketing and public relations, public health, health education, and environmental health. The degree program can also lead to graduate level study in healthcare fields such as anesthesiologist assistant, athletic training, dentistry, exercise physiology, medicine, nursing (as a second degree), occupational therapy, optometry, physical therapy, and physician assistant. Specific pre-requisites are required depending on the specific healthcare field chosen.

The Valdosta State Difference

  1. The program offers a diverse healthcare specific curriculum that will include a focus on important healthcare career elements such as problem-solving and decision-making skills, communication and interpersonal skills, appreciation for and attention to details, compassion and patience, and knowledge and skill integration.
  2. The program has flexible LAB SCIENCE REQUIREMENTS, as well as up to nine hours of concentrated electives within the degree program that could be used to satisfy healthcare field specific pre-requisites and requirements.
  3. There is no separate admissions requirement or limited admissions for the program. Students can progress into the professional program of study courses when eligible, both fall and spring semester.
  4. The program provides students with a certain amount of flexibility. Students may be able to obtain shadowing/observation hours for specific healthcare career field prerequisites while in the program. The program could be a bachelorette program option for students with an Associate’s Degree in another healthcare related field. Students may be able to maintain employment if needed for financial purposes.
  5. The program provides an option for students that are not eligible or admitted into a healthcare program with separate and limited admissions criteria.

What You'll Learn

Students in the health sciences program at Valdosta State University engage in learning opportunities designed around the numerous and diverse healthcare related occupations available now and in the near future. The diverse curriculum will prepare students to enter healthcare related occupations, as well as provide students with a strong foundation for graduate level healthcare related occupations.

Admissions Requirements

Minimum requirements for progression into the professional program of study are:

  1. a declared Health Sciences major
  2. a 2.00 cumulative, overall grade point average.
  3. a satisfactory grade, based on institutional policy for all Area A-F courses (60 hours)
  4. Area F courses completed with a grade of "C" or better in all Area F courses


  • Athletic Training
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Education
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Sales
  • Medicine
  • Nursing (as a second degree)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Personal/Corporate Wellness
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Public Health
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  • 229.333.7300
  • Health Sciences and Business Administration Building
    2525 N. Patterson St.
    Valdosta, Georgia 31698