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B.F.A. with a Major in Communication, Track in Public Relations

  • Total Credit Hours: 60
  • Degree Format: Traditional

About this field

Public Relations is projected to be one of the top growth fields in the next fifteen years. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that job opportunities for Public Relations specialists will grow by 12% between now and 2022. In addition, other public relations positions will see significant growth including Public Relations Managers (13%), Event Planners (33%), Promotions Managers (12%), and Market Research Analysts (32%). The Wall Street Journal reports an estimated 18,000 new positions were emerge for social media managers and content creation specials. You can be part of this trend.

Our Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Public Relations is the only BFA program of its kind in the Nation and it prepares you to step into the workforce upon graduation to meet the needs of employers in Public Relations who are looking for skill and experience.

There are many strong points to our program. Among them are strong faculty and student interactions. It is not unusual as you pass through the building and see faculty talking with students in offices or just chatting in the hall. Faculty are genuinely interested in what students are doing and their progress toward graduation.

We make sure that your educational experience transcends the classroom. Many of our classes have projects that involved the campus or local community.


What You'll Learn

As a major in the Public Relations program you will:

  • develop strong written and verbal communication skills
  • develop excellent interpersonal skills
  • learn to think strategically and design messages for multiple audiences through multiple channels.
  • develop superior team, leadership, project, and meeting management skills
  • develop the ability to work in a diverse world and manage conflict
  • develop technology skills necessary for success in the workplace
  • develop critical thinking and information literacy skills

Admissions Requirements

Students who declare a major in Public Relations must earn a grade point average of 2.25 or better in all Area F courses. Any student who fails to earn a 2.25 in Area F courses will be notified of the deficiency and automatically switched to an undeclared major status.


  • Account Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Public Opinion Researcher
  • Publicity Manager
  • Special Events Promoter
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