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B.F.A. Degree with a Major in Interior Design

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • Degree Format: Traditional

About this field

The field of interior design is about connecting people to the spaces where they live, work, learn and play. Interior designers address the visual, technical and aesthetic aspects of inhabited spaces, integrating art and design concepts, utilizing space analysis and planning, and employing their knowledge of materials, furnishings and construction to produce finished interior environments that serve the specific needs of their clients.

Students in the Interior Design program at Valdosta State University learn in a stimulating and collaborative environment and are prepared for careers as interior designers.

The Valdosta State Difference

Interior design students at Valdosta State enjoy small classes, with an average of just 18 students per class, and have numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty members. Students have access to 11 art studios around campus and the creative tools necessary to master the discipline. The interior design program emphasizes practical experience, and students are required to complete an internship between their junior and senior years. The internship component enables students to receive on-site training while building their resumes and giving them the opportunity to network. Several on-campus student organizations are geared toward interior design majors, including the American Society of Interior Designers.

What You'll Learn

The interior design program at Valdosta State stresses standards for professionalism and focuses on the creation of various elements that enhance the quality of life. Through courses such as design fundamentals, design history, knowledge of business principles, and building codes and regulations, students develop the skills necessary for a career as a professional interior designer. Students become proficient in a number of media and learn techniques to communicate their design solutions graphically, verbally and in writing. Graduates are able to think critically, problem solve and meet the needs of their clients.


  • Commercial Designer
  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Design Assistant
  • Design Consultant
  • Event Coordinator
  • Facilities Planner
  • Furniture Designer
  • Home Furnishings Specialist
  • Interior Designer
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Space Planner
  • Textile Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
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