B.B.A. Degree with a Major in Finance

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • Degree Format: Traditional

About this field

The field of finance focuses on how businesses, organizations, government entities and individuals raise, spend and invest capital and examines the way in which financial markets function. Finance majors at Valdosta State University take a variety of specialized courses and acquire the skills necessary to become financial decision makers and to efficiently and effectively obtain and manage capital.

The Valdosta State Difference

The finance program at Valdosta State is part of the university’s highly regarded Langdale College of Business. Students enjoy small classes that average 25 students and meaningful interactions with faculty, 90 percent of whom hold doctoral degrees. Students are encouraged to gain hands-on experience by participating in the Valdosta State Co-op Program and by completing internships. Students in Free Enterprise, a nationally recognized, award-winning organization, is open to all finance majors, and outstanding students may be invited to join Beta Alpha Psi, an honor society for top business students.

What You'll Learn

Students in the finance program become well versed in financial terminology and gain proficiency in the areas of corporate finance, financial institutions, markets and instruments. Students learn about the role of financial information and decision making for businesses, government and investors, while honing their critical thinking skills and oral and written communication abilities. Graduates of the program are able to gather, interpret and analyze financial information in a variety of business settings. Upon graduation, students are prepared for careers in industry, finance and government.


  • Actuary
  • Bank Manager
  • Bond Broker
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Credit Analyst
  • Credit Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Insurance Broker
  • Loan Officer
  • Mortgage Banker
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate Lender
  • Risk Manager
  • Securities Analyst
  • Treasurer
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  • Rea and Lillian Steele
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    Health Sciences and Business Administration Building
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    2525 N. Patterson Street
    Valdosta, GA 31698