Dr. Theresa Thompson Portrait

Dr. Theresa Thompson


  • Ph.D.,Twentieth-Century English Literature, Postcolonial Theory, Gender Theory
    Washington State University
  • M.A.
    Washington State University
  • B.A., Literature
    Northern Arizona University
Theresa Thompson got her B.A. from Northern Arizona University and holds an M.A. and a PhD from Washington State University. Her areas of interest range from British modernism, postcolonial literature, film, women and gender studies, gothic, science fiction, and literary theory. She enjoys teaching specialized classes such as Reading Film as Transgression (ENGL 4300) and British Modernism, Mystery, Science Fiction, and Film (ENGL 4150) which she will teach in Spring 2016. She has published several articles: “Unlearning Europe: Postcolonial Questions for Teaching The Plumed Serpent (ch. In Approaches to Teaching the Works of D. H. Lawrence. (MLA Press); “Crossing Europe: Political Frontiers in Lawrence’s The Lost Girl”(ch. In Windows to the Sun, eds. Ingersoll & Hyde, Farleigh Dickinson UP).; co-author of “Teaching Technical Writing in China” (Technical Communication Journal); Book of critical essays: co-editor and author of Imagining the Worst: Stephen King and the Representation of Women(Greenwood Press) written and presented papers at international conferences in Italy, Germany, France, England. She is currently working on several articles concerning science fiction: one is about Doris Lessing’s science fiction novel, The Sirian Experiments for a special issue of Medical Humanities Journal: Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities. She is also working on a book also about Doris Lessing, tentatively titled The Ghost in the Machine: Doris Lessing’s Space Fiction.


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