Sofiya Tarasevich Portrait

Sofiya Tarasevich

Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. - Mass Communications
    University of Florida
  • BA/MA - Journalism
    Moscow State University

Sofiya Tarasevich joined the Mass Media program at Valdosta State University as Assistant Professor in 2019. She obtained a Ph.D. degree in Mass Communication at the University of Florida, where she taught Media and Politics and News Writing while working on her dissertation. Before starting her career as a researcher and educator, Dr. Tarasevich used to work as a news journalist and editor in Russia, covering topics like international diplomacy, politics, and economic issues.

Her research is mostly focused on media effects in political communications and public perception of events and stakeholders in the international arena, influenced by mass media through agenda building, agenda setting, and framing.

At Valdosta State University, Dr. Tarasevich is teaching the following courses:

MDIA 2100 Intro to Media Writing

MDIA 2350 Media and Culture

MDIA 3225 Media Research

MDIA 2000 Intro to Mass Media

MDIA 4450 International Media

MDIA 3500 News Writing