Nandan Kumar Jha Portrait

Nandan Kumar Jha

Tenure Track Professor

  • PhD
    University of North Carolina Charlotte

Dr. Jha’s research broadly focuses on local governments and K-16 education policy in the U.S. He studies inter-jurisdictional competition and type of political institutions in local governments and inequity and effectiveness in K-16 public education. He has published articles and books in Social Science Research, Research in Higher Education, and Sage Publications. He is currently studying the implications of inequity in socioeconomic opportunity structure of place on student educational outcomes. He teaches courses in public administration and policy.


Areas of Concentration:

  • Secondary and Higher Education Policy
  • Local and State Governments

Selected Publications:

  • Nandan Jha. (2017). Is There an Association Between Fiscal Decentralization and Declining Role of State Governments in Highway Finance in the US? Global Journal of Economics and Finance, 1(1): 1-14.
  • Nandan Jha and Elizabeth Stearns. (2017). Race-Specific High School Course Intensity and Student’s Post-secondary Education Attainment. Research in Higher Education, 1-27.
  • Stearns, E., Jha, Nandan, Potochnick, S. (2013). Race, Secondary School Course of Study, and College Type, Social Science Research, 42(3): 789-803.
  • Jha, Praveen, Subrat Das, Siba Sankar Mohanty and Nandan Kumar Jha (2008):  Public Provisioning for Elementary Education in India. SAGE International Publishing House, New Delhi.