Neena Banerjee Portrait

Neena Banerjee

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., Public Policy
    University of North Carolina Charlotte

Dr. Banerjee’s research focuses on education policy in the U.S. Her current research examines how structural and cultural factors in schools influence student learning outcomes during their elementary, secondary and college years. She is studying the implications of teacher diversity in schools and teacher-student ethno-racial matching on teachers’ job satisfaction, students’ schooling experiences and educational outcomes.  She is also interested in issues of teacher quality, school culture and achievement gaps.

Areas of Concentration

  • Education Policy
  • Public Policy

Selected Publications

  • Banerjee, N. (In Press) “Effects of Teacher-Student Ethno-Racial Mismatch and Overall Teacher Diversity in Elementary Schools on Educational Outcomes.” Journal of Research in Childhood Education. Taylor & Francis.
  • Banerjee, N. (2017) “Teacher-Student Ethno-Racial Mismatch and Reading Ability Group Placement.” Education and Urban Society. Sage Publications.
  • Banerjee, N. (2017). “Globalization and U.S Education Policy.” In Ali Farazmand (Edited). The Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Pp 1-7. Springer International Publishing AG, Gewerbestrasse, Switzerland.
  • Banerjee, N., Stearns, E., Moller, S., & Mickelson, R.A (2017). “Teacher Satisfaction and Student Achievement in the Elementary Grades: The Roles of Teacher Professional Community and Teacher Collaboration in Schools.” American Journal of Education. Vol. 123: 203-241. University of Chicago Press.
  • Stearns, E., Banerjee, N., Mickelson, R.A., & Moller, S. (2015) “Collective Pedagogical Teacher Culture and Teacher Satisfaction.” Teachers College Record. Vol. 117 (8). Teachers College, Columbia University Press.
  • Stearns, E., Banerjee, N., Mickelson, R.A., & Moller, S. (2014). “Collective Pedagogical Teacher Culture, Teacher-Student Racial Mismatch, and Teacher Job Satisfaction.” Social Science Research. Vol. 45: 56-72. Academic Press.