Minsun Song Portrait

Minsun Song

Assistant Professor

  • PhD
    Florida State University

Her research has focused on the issues related to emergency management, disaster resilience, collaborative networks, and local governance. She has published articles in Public Administration Review, Urban Affairs Review, Public Performance & Management Review, The Social Science Journal, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, etc.  

Area of Concentration

  • Emergency management
  • Collaborative networks
  • Local governance

Selected Publications

  • Song, M. (2020) Testing the forms and consequences of collaboration risk in emergency management networks. The Social Science Journal, 1-16. 
  • Ki, N., Kwak, C. G., & Song, M. (2020). Strength of Strong Ties in Intercity Government Information Sharing and County Jurisdictional Boundaries. Public Administration Review, 80(1), 23-35.
  • Jung, K., Song, M., & Park, H. J. (2019). The dynamics of an Interogrganizational emergency management network: Interdependent and independent risk hypotheses. Public Administration Review, 79(2), 225-235.
  • Jung, K., Song, M., & Feiock, R. (2019). Isolated and broken bridges from interorganizational emergency management networks: An institutional collective action perspective. Urban affairs review, 55(3), 950-975. 
  • Song, M., Park, H. J., & Junk, K. (2018). Do Political Similarities Facilitate Interlocal Collaboration? Public Administration Review, 78(2): 261-269.
  • Song, M. (2018). Does Having a Strong Commitment Matter in Building Sustainable Networks? Quality & Quantity, 52(2): 551-564