Dr. Meagan Arrastía-Chisholm Portrait

Dr. Meagan Arrastía-Chisholm

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Dr. Arrastia-Chisholm is currently an associate professor of Educational Psychology at Valdosta State University. At the graduate level, she teaches measurement and evaluation, learning theory, and research methods. Her professional and research interests include parental separation, gifted education in rural schools, and college counseling. In the past year, Dr. Arrastia-Chisholm has collaborated with her colleagues and students to publish work in journals, such as the National Youth-at-Risk Journal, Peabody Journal of Education, Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Theory & Practice in Rural Education, and the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.



Office Hours:
Tuesday/Thursday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Converse 2103