Mandi Bates Bailey Portrait

Mandi Bates Bailey


  • PhD
    University of Kentucky

Dr. Bailey’s research focuses on American Political Behavior. She studies attitudes toward women and minority groups, specifically African Americans and the LGBT community. Her research focuses on aspects of the media’s role in attitude formation/change through the exploration of varied media from social media to music. Her book, The Downhome Sound: Diversity and Politics in Americana Music, explores the relationship between Americana music and political attitudes through experimental design, content analysis, and interviews with several prominent Americana artists.

Dr. Bailey is also faculty in Africana Studies and Women & Gender Studies. She teaches a variety of courses including Political Psychology, Minority Politics, Music and Politics, African American Politics, Women and Politics, Congress, and Scope & Methods in Political Science. She enjoys mentoring student research and serves as the Pi Sigma Alpha faculty advisor.  


  • Political Psychology
  • Political Communication
  • American Politics
  • Research Methods


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