Myia Miller Portrait

Myia Miller

Academic Advisor I

Year started working at VSU: 2020

Why I love advising: I love advising because it allows me the opportunity to have meaningful and intentional conversations with students at the university during this milestone of their lives. Personal connections are very important to me. Advising allows me to make those connections with students from all over. My advisor was very influential in my educational and personal development. I would like to make the same contribution here at my Alma Mater.

Hometown: Decatur, Georgia

Hobbies/interests: Reading, writing, listening to jazz music, and watching documentaries on Netflix.

Fun fact: Something I’d love to get rich by doing full-time is being a transformational speaker or writer.

Why VSU: I would like to say that I chose VSU, but I think we chose each other. Valdosta has become home to me. I have not experienced anything short of growth and peace over my last three years back in Valdosta. I chose VSU because of my amazing work experiences on campus during my undergraduate degree. At VSU, each student matters. I also love how the campus offers students’ academic, cultural, and social opportunities and close personal attention.

Areas/Program I advise: Biology in the College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center