Dr. Louis A. Walee Portrait

Dr. Louis A. Walee

Adjunct Professor

  • Ph.D., Africology & African American Studies
    Temple University
  • M.A., Global Interactions
    Cleveland State University
  • B.A., Black Studies and Political Science
    Cleveland State University
  • A.A., Liberal Arts
    Cuyahoga Community College

Dr. Louis A. Walee earned his Ph.D. from the department of Africology and African American Studies (AAAS) at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally from the Eastside of Cleveland, Ohio Dr. Walee is interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of reality as experienced by people of African descent. Henceforth, much of his intellectual activity centers around indigenous African sciences, cosmology, metaphysics, and culture, which he articulates are subject areas that present valuable information that aids in comprehending the intrinsic nature African life and reality. 

As an avid traveler Dr. Walee often frequents various locations across the United States and international lines. He has frequented Ghana, West Africa several times and is deeply enthralled by the culture of the Akan people of the country. To this regard, significant aspects of his research interest delves into Akan language, culture and cosmology. As a result of his interest in Ghana and its people Dr. Walee has often chaperoned conversation and endeavored to bring African Americans to Ghana thereby facilitating bilateral ties between the Ghanaian and African American communities among the wider diasporic and continental African community.

Dr. Walee is currently interested in developing courses centered around various subjects related to African cosmology, astronomy & astrology, the Kemetic moral and ethical ideal of Ma’at, African metaphysics, and culture. His intention is to expose the broader dimensions of human reality, which he asserts are inherently spiritual, and show the relatedness and interconnectedness of all life on earth and the greater universe.