Dr. Laura Hanna Portrait

Dr. Laura Hanna

Limited Term Faculty

Dr. Hanna (she/her/hers) has taught uninterruptedly in the college setting since the fall of 2013. She has taught a wide variety of classes at several institutions, including freshman composition, American literature, interdisciplinary studies, and interdisciplinary honors courses for the VSU Honors College. One of Dr. Hanna's goals as an instructor is to sustain equitable classroom spaces and to facilitate student success by helping students develop their ability to write precisely, think critically, and research and communicate effectively. Dr. Hanna strives to incorporate high-impact practices into the first-year composition classroom. In keeping with her interest in equity of access to higher education, Dr. Hanna's research interests include critical pedagogy, writing across the curriculum, process pedagogy, and interdisciplinarity. She is interested in first-year student success in freshman composition and increasing minority student enrollment, retention, and success in the honors college setting. Dr. Hanna's teaching philosophy, in essence, is to teach each student, each time. In her free time, Dr. Hanna enjoys reading and writing poetry, cycling, cooking, and spending time with her family and cats. 


    West Hall 2127