Mrs. Kristen Jowers Portrait

Mrs. Kristen Jowers

Academic Advisor

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
    Florida State University
  • Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy
    Valdosta State University

Year started working at VSU: I started working at VSU in 2016 as a graduate student and 2018 as a professional advisor.

Why I love advising: I love advising because I get to work with awesome, creative students every day. My favorite part of advising is advocating for students as they bridge the gap between where they are and where they would like to be. One of the ways I do this is by co-creating an academic plan with students to serve as a road map to make their dreams their reality.

Hometown: Crystal River, FL // Tallahassee, FL // Valdosta, GA

Hobbies/interests: I have recently been exploring ways to incorporate the essence of minimalism and "space" into my home, office, and relationships.

Fun fact: I want to live in a tiny house!

Areas/Programs I advise: I work with students who are interested in working towards a major or minor in Mass Media as well as our fully online Emergent Media and Communication (EMAC) Program. 

My Advising Philosophy:

I am a resource...

As an advisor, I believe that each student knows themselves and that it is my job to know the university. Our goal in advising is to bridge the gaps in knowledge - the student educates me on their goals, and I educate them on the way that they can get there using campus and community resources. It is important to us that each student successfully and healthfully makes it through their experience at VSU. Advising for classwork is part of that, but so is physical & mental well-being and career & financial preparedness.  I am part of a team and will ensure that if a student needs assistance, I will find a way to get it to them and inform those who need to know.

I am an educator...

I am one of many people on campus who will extend an invitation for students to become educated about their program, college and campus resources. The goal is that the student will gain enough institutional and programmatic knowledge from me that the answers they need will eventually be something they can find on their own and that each student is empowered to be an active facilitator of their educational experience.

I am an advocate...

Once a student, always a student advocate. I will leverage my position on each student's success team to advocate for all students, inclusive of each student's unique social location and lived experience. Additionally, I will not advise a student in a way that I believe would be detrimental to their success. I will also be transparent in all the pathways a student has to available to them.

I am holistic...

As an advisor, I am inclusive of the intersection of the roles/responsibilities/identities of my students. Students may also be sons / daughters / siblings / cousins / spouses / significant others / veterans / parents / grandparents / grandchildren / employees / roommates / etc. Each of these roles uniquely shape a student's experience and their decision to come to and graduate from VSU.