Dr. Donna Gosnell Portrait

Dr. Donna Gosnell

Associate Professor

  • B.S. in Chemistry
    The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. in Chemistry
    University of California - San Diego
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry
    University of California - San Diego

I have been at VSU since 1995. My main teaching responsibilities include Biochemistry lecture/lab (CHEM 3601/3601L), Physical Chemistry II (CHEM 3802), Pre-General Chemistry (CHEM 1200), and Sophomore Seminar (CHEM 2210). Additionally, I teach freshman labs and other courses as needed by the department. Scientific literacy is increasingly more important world-wide, which has made teaching chemistry a very rewarding career.

My research interests are in the area of physical biochemistry. I am particularly fascinated by nucleic acids, anisotropic systems, and chemical education. Current projects include molecular dynamic studies to assess RNA thermosstability and linear dichroism studies of the orientation of small molecules in stretched films.

In addition to teaching and research, I have authored and edited testbanks and other teaching materials for several of the most popular biochemistry texts used nationwide, and served several years as co-editor of The Florida Scientist.



    Bailey Science Bldg #3074