Carol M. Glen Portrait

Carol M. Glen


  • PhD
    Florida State University

Dr. Glen’s research focuses on various aspects of international relations and comparative politics. She has published refereed works on the United Nations, global governance, technology and politics, nationalism, and human rights. 

Areas of Concentration

  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory

Selected Publications

  • Carol M. Glen, Controlling Cyberspace: The Politics of Internet Governance and Regulation.  Praeger (2018).
  • Carol M. Glen, “Internet Governance: Territorializing Cyberspace?” Politics and Policy. Volume 42, Issue 5, (October 2014).
  • Carol M. Glen and Marketa Zidkova, Global Issues and Controversies. Kendall Hunt (2014).
  • Carol M. Glen, "Regionalism in the European Union: The Case of Scotland." Contemporary European Studies (July 2008).
  • Carol M. Glen, “The UN Charter System and the Iraq Wars: Ethical Implications." Public Integrity (September 2009).
  • Carol M. Glen, “Multilateralism in a Unipolar World: The UN Security Council and Iraq”    International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (March 2006).