Dr. Christine James  Portrait

Dr. Christine James

Christine A. James is the Fuller E Callaway Chair and Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Valdosta State University. Before joining the faculty at Valdosta State University, she was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Kent State University and Allegheny College. Her specialization is Philosophy of Science, she has published a variety of articles and book chapters in scholarly journals including The Journal for Philosophical Practice, The International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, The Journal of Consciousness Studies, Biosemiotics, and the Journal for Human Rights.  Her Logic textbook, Principles of Logic and Reasoning: Including LSAT, GRE, and Writing Skills, was published by Kendall Hunt in 2015. She also created a new logic book with expanded reading examples by invitation from Cognella in 2022 titled Principles of Logic and Argumentation: Selected Readings and Legal Examples. She grew up in Chicago.



MTWR 2:00-3:15pm,
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