Mr. Carson Anderson Portrait

Mr. Carson Anderson

Graduate Tutor Leader

  • M.Ed., Adult & Career Education
    Valdosta State University, 2020 (anticipated)
  • B.A., Mathematics
    Valdosta State University, 2018
My name is Carson, and I am currently pursuing a graduate degree for Adult and Career Education at Valdosta State University. My undergraduate degree is from VSU in mathematics, and I love the subject. Math is by far my favorite area of study, and I enjoy talking about it to everyone! I too often hear comments like "math isn't my thing," or worse, "I hate math." In my experience, most people have negative feelings about or even a fear of math. It is because of the negative stigma around math that I strive to be an educator. Math is beautiful and I have made it my goal to alleviate the fear that haunts too many people. I believe that if we can find the math in what we love, we can learn to love math. Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for life. Teach a man to math, and he'll study statistics about the population of his pond and know how many people he can feed and the most effective way to do so.