b'Leisure LearningPractical Spanish -Guitar for BeginnersVirtual/Zoom Have you dreamed of learning to play guitar, but just havent Learn useful everyday Spanishgotten started?words, phrases, and expressions toEnthusiastic learners with little or no experience are welcome.communicate when traveling and withBegin your guitar journey with basic music reading, terminology,friends, family, customers, and otherspositions, and fingering. Subsequent lessons include: in your daily life. Instructor Natalieharmony and melody, chords, scales, and key signatures. McManus Chu teaches Spanish atEnjoy learning basic guitar skills while playingValdosta State Universitys Departmentsongs with instructor Shaun Ault and the group.of Modern & Classical Languages.Bring your own acoustic guitar to class.22APEL01 |6 Tues| Sept 21 - Oct 26| 6:15 - 7:45 PM | $89Required textbook:Alfreds Guitar 101 (Book 1). Drawing with Ray - Virtual/Zoom Available from Amazon used from $7; new, $27.Stop saying I cant draw! because you CAN. Drawing is a learnedThis class will be held in-person.skill. In this interactive course, practice a variety of fundamental22APEL02 |6 Tues |Sept 21 - Oct 26| 6 - 7:45 PM |$89techniques to develop your drawing skills. Artist and VSU professor Ray Noll will help you discover the joy ofAn Introduction to Voiceovers- Virtualdrawing! A list of suppliesWow, you have a great voice! Have you heard that more will be emailed with yourtimes than you can count? Or maybe you listen to your registration receipt andfavorite audiobooks, commercials, or cartoon characters and can also be found atthink, I could do that! If so, then you could have what it www.valdosta.edu/pace takes to begin working as a professional Voiceover Artist.with the course description. Explore the voiceover industry with your instructor, a 22APEL03 |5 Mon |Sept 20 - Oct 18 |6 - 7:45 PM | $89 professional, working voice actor from the voice acting training (Supplies not included) company, Voices For All, in a one-on-one, personalized, video chat setting. Discover the current trends in the industry and how they make it easy and affordable for just about anyone to get Expand Your Horizons - Online involved. In this one-time, 90-minute, introductory class, youll The skys the limit with convenient online learning!Choose fromalso learn about the different types of voiceovers and the tools a variety of fun and educational courses starting at $119 youll need to find success. Music Made Easy And thenwere rolling!Secrets of Better Photography Your instructor will record you as you read a real script, thenStart Your Own Edible Garden offer you some coaching so you can improve your delivery.Get Funny! Your instructor will take notes on your performance so you can receive a professional voiceover evaluation later. AfterGrowing Plants for Fun and Profit the class, you will have the knowledge necessary to help youGenealogy Basics decide if this is something youd like to pursue. Check out theLuscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals video at http://www.voicesforall.com/ooo to get a better sense of how the class works. 18 and over. You owe it to yourself toDiscover Digital Photography finally explore the possibilities of this fun and rewarding field! Happy and Healthy Pregnancy Requirements: Students must have Internet Access and VideoIntroduction to Digital Scrapbooking Chatting capabilities using a method such as: Zoom, Skype Register for these and many more of our online(Win/Mac/Mobile) or iChat/FaceTime (Mac/iOS). courses at www.ed2go.com/valdosta or emailYou will be contacted within 48 hours of registration (weekends pace@valdosta.edu for more information. excluded) to set up your one-on-one session | $4914 THE BRIDGE'