b'Teacher Professional Development - OnlineOur 6 Most Popular Self-Paced, Open-Entry CoursesThese interactive courses provide instruction from experts at a pace that meets your needs.FULLY ONLINE| CHOOSE YOUR START DATE| AVAILABLE 24/7| 6 MONTHS TO COMPLETE YOUR COURSE| ALL MATERIALS INCLUDEDA complete list of courses can be found at www.valdosta.edu/pace under Teacher Recertification.Behavior Is Language Learning Disabilities Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Discover what students are tryingDevelop a foundation for sensitive,Intimidation in Schoolsto tell you through the languageappropriate assessment andLearn about the personal, social, and of their behavior. Learn behavioralevaluation of students andlegal ramifications of sexual harassment, techniques and interventiontheoretical approaches to handingbullying, and cyber-intimication and strategies. learning disabilities in the classroom. discover preventative strategies.4.5 CEU| 4 PLU| $219 4.5 CEU| 4 PLU| $219 3 CE| 3 PLU| $199Build School Communities:Teaching Elementary MathAutism & Aspergers DisorderBrain Smart ClassroomConceptually Explore characteristics of these Management Explore an innovative teachingdisorders, associated learning styles, Develop strategies, rituals, andmodel that incorporatescommunication weaknesses, and environmental design skills to createstrategies for teaching conceptsintervention strategies.safe havens of learning to benefit allconstructively and contextually. 3 CEU| 3 PLU| $199members of the school community. 3 CEU| 3 PLU| $1993 CEU| $219NEW! English Language Learner Series:Each course in this series:$219 | 4.5 CEUELL: Language AcquisitionGain an understanding of the process of second language acquisition and the role of the classroom teacher.ELL: Methods & MaterialsLearn how to apply instructional methods in creating lessons, create a motivating and caring learning environment, and integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.ELL: Evaluation & Assessment Discover what it means to have a high-quality assessmentand scope of assessments including initial placement, annual assessments, and exit assessments.ELL: LinguisticsExplore theoretical foundations of linguistics and how to apply the knowledge and skills in ELL classrooms and content classrooms.2 PLU/2.4 CEU Courses for Teachers - Online Courses available in Child Development, Classroom Technology, Math and Science, Reading and Writing. Most courses are available in instructor-led and self-paced formats.For a complete course list, visit ed2go.com/valdosta under Teacher Professional Development.Complete information for all of our online teacher recertification courses can be found at www.valdosta.edu/pace. Questions?Call 229.245.6484 or email pace@valdosta.edu.VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION 13'