b'Career & Professional DevelopmentJob Aids: Are They a Worthwhile Investment? - VIRTUALWhat is a job aid and is it worth the time it takes to create it? Is it simply a set of instructions on how to do a job - a departmental SOP - or something more? A well-prepared job aid directs, guides, and enhances the job performance of employees each day. Creating Living Job Aids benefits your Using Accessibility Features in Zoom, PPT, and Wordorganization by:- VIRTUALReducing training time and costs in areas with Did you know that many of the apps you use have built in accessibilityhigh turnover.features? Learn how to use these resources in Zoom, Word, and Helping to ensure that tasks not performed daily PowerPoint to ensure everyone has access to your digital content andare not overlooked.applications.Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Tanner In this workshop, instructor Jarrod Murray will Live online Zoom sessions meet 11 AM - 12:15 PM Eastern Time. focus on:22FBPD01 | 3 Tues | Oct 26 - Nov 9 | $139The value of creating job aids to assist in training and day-to-day operations. Leading a Diverse Workforce - VIRTUALHow to break down a job function in to its elemental tasks.In todays workforce, managers are tasked with leading diverseLive online Zoom sessions meet 4 - 5 PM Eastern Time.teams. This series is designed to provide the tools necessary to navigate common pitfalls and harness the strength that these teams22ABPD04 | 2 Wed | Sept 15 & 22 | $99provide. Instructor: Dr. Kimberly TannerSession topics include the following: 1. Managing Unconscious Bias: Learn what unconscious bias is and how toIntroduction torecognize various types of bias in the workplace. Gain an understanding ofWriting an Employee micro-inequities, micro-aggressions, and micro-affirmations. Handbook - VIRTUAL2. Conflict Resolution Styles and Strategies: Explore the various styles ofAn employee handbook conflict resolution and how each style manifests in the workplace. Learn about common causes of conflict; how to uncover party interests; how to usecreates the benchmark for conflict to promote innovation; how to use various strategies for resolutionyour company concerning of conflict in the workplace. employee expectations.Employees and employers 3. Effective Communication: Being prepared to communicate with diverseboth benefit from knowing team members and to role-model effective strategies is key to your work as aand understanding what is team member or team leader. Discover various strategies for active listening and compassionate communication as well as using framing and reframingexpected from them. These expectations are also what techniques to advance communication for more productive results. you use when measuring employee performance.4. Universal Design Strategies for the Workplace: Not only do employersLearn how to start your employee handbook and need to prepare for diverse teams, but must also be ready to welcomeunderstand the importance of having a current and diverse customers and clients. Explore the principles of Universal Design andaccurate handbook in your organization.Instructor: gain strategies for implementing the principles so that your employees andJarrod Murrayclients feel included and welcome. Live online Zoom sessions meet 4 - 5 PM Eastern Time.Live online sessions meet 11 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Time. 22FBPD02 | 2 Wed | Oct 6 & 13 | $9922ABPD03 | 4 Tues | Sept 28 - Oct 19 | $179 4 THE BRIDGE'