b'Youve been accepted into the Ignite Program at Valdosta State, now what?Submit both FAFSA 2020-2021Submit Immunization Records:AND 2021-2022 Applications:For more information and directions on submitting forms Dont wait until the last minute to get all of your documentsvisit valdosta.edu/medicalforms. in place. Visit valdosta.edu/financialaid for information onDEADLINE: APRIL 23completing both forms. DEADLINE: APRIL 1Send Final Transcripts:Register for Orientation: Final high school transcripts, verifying graduation Ignite Program students will be required to attend thedate and the completion of all high school graduation Orientation session on June 7, 2021. During this session,requirements, must be turned in. Any Dual Enrollment you will receive your class schedule, pick up your VSUcredits need to be sent to VSU from the institution. 1Card (Student ID), and meet with Financial Aid andDEADLINE: MAY 31Housing representatives. Visit valdosta.edu/orientation to register.DEADLINE: APRIL 23 Get Excited:The Ignite program will be full of exciting opportunities, Submit photo ID for VSU 1Card: memorable moments, and lifelong friendships. We cant You can pick up your VSU 1Card at orientation. Must havewait to see what you accomplish this summer at VSU! two forms of ID. Visit valdosta.edu/photosubmission. DEADLINE: NOWDEADLINE: APRIL 23Apply for Housing: Ignite Program participants are required to live on campus in Lowndes Hall. Once you have completed your summer housing application, please make sure to submit another application for the Fall/Spring term. For more information visit valdosta.edu/housing.APPLICATION OPEN: MARCH 30'