Benefits of a Dual Enrollment Honors Academy... • Students can earn college credit at no cost for tuition, mandatory fees, or books. Some minimal fees may apply for specific courses; i.e. labs, art supplies, etc. • Allows students to adjust to college life before they leave home. • To qualify for HOPE or Zell Miller, students must take 4 courses which qualify as courses of “academic rigor.” All Dual Enrollment courses meet this requirement at the state level. • The courses taken in VSU’s Dual Enrollment Honors Academy do not count against the total number of hours HOPE will pay once students graduate from high school. • Provides opportunities for students to take courses from award- winning, VSU faculty, who strive for excellence in teaching and learning in the classroom. 4 Year 2x COMPREHENSIVE UNIVERSITY CREDITS THE CREDITS GO TOWARDS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND COLLEGE DEGREE 0 $ ZERO COST TO STUDENT