b'THE GRADUATE SCHOOL CEREMONYA cknowledgmentsFACULTY MARSHALS College of the Artsd r . Z hongB eil in , Assistant Professor, Department of Musicm r . J AsonB rown , Associate Professor, Department of Communication Arts College of Science & Mathematicsd r . d erethd rAke -s cheuermAnn , Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Physicsd r . t heresAg rove , Associate Dean and Professor, College of Science and Mathematics, Department of Biologyd r . A nsull okdArshi , Assistant Professor, Department of Biologyd r . t heodoreu yeno , Professor, Department of BiologyHarley Langdale, Jr. College ofBusiness Administrationd r . e llish eAth , Professor, Department of Economics and Finance d r . A myw Atson , Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Marketing James L. & Dorothy H. DewarCollege of Education & Human Servicesd r . g wenr uttencutter , Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership, Technology, & Workforce Developmentd r . m ichAelB ochenko , Associate Professor, Department of Leadership, Technology, & Workforce Developmentd r . s tevend owney , Professor and Department Head, Department of Leadership, Technology, & Workforce Developmentd r . X iAoAir en , Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Studiesd r . m Atthewg rAnt , Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Department of Teacher Educationm s . k Athyrnr eAgAn , Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders College ofHumanities & Social Sciencesd r . d eBorAhh All , Associate Professor, Department of English d r . d iXier. h AggArd , Professor, Department of Historyd r . A nneP rice , Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice College of Nursing & Health Sciencesm s . A lenek. d Asher , Lecturer, School of Nursingd r . k nicolel ee , Assistant Professor, School of NursingTHE PLATFORM PARTYd r . r ichArdA. c ArvAJAl , President of the University d r . s herir. n oviello , Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs d r . B ecky dAc ruZ , Associate Provost for Graduate Studies & Research d r . v inceA. m iller , Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs d r . P ierre -r ichArdc ornely , Dean of College of Science & Mathematics d r . d AvidA. s lykhuis , Dean of James L. & Dorothy H. Dewar College of Education & Human Services d r . J Amest. l A P lAnt , Dean of College of Humanities & Social Sciences m r . m ichAelt. s chmidt , Dean of College of the Arts d r . J Amesc. P Ace , Dean of College of Nursing & Health Sciences d r . k ArinP. h ArtmAn , Dean of Harley Langdale, Jr. College of Business Administration d r . l AurAw right , Interim Dean of Librariesd r . d iAnec. h ollimAn , Professor of Social Work, Department of Human Servicesm r . s tAnleyJ ones , Registrar m s . c Arleyc odner , Interpretive Services Coordinator m s . l AurAB yers , Interpreter4 |VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY'