b'C olleGe ofS CienCe& m AthemAtiCS on the Stability of Hepatitis C Virus was accepted by Transplant Infectious Diseases in March. Transition-State Theory-Based m ehviShk irAnD urrAniofAnalysis of Diffusion of Water in Yeast Cells was accepted by Valdosta, Georgia, is the recipient ofFEMS Microbiology Letter in September.the Spring 2020 Presidents Award for Academic Excellence for the College ofDurranis commitment to academic, service, and research excellence Science and Mathematics at Valdostaresulted in her earning repeated spots on the Deans List; the 2020 State University. She graduated summaDepartment of Chemistry Outstanding Senior Award; the 2019 cum laude with a Bachelor of Scienceand 2020 Department of Biology Outstanding Senior Award; the in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science2019 Polymer Chemistry Award; the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Martha in Biology, and an Honors CollegeH. Barnes Award and Scholarship; the 2017 CRC Press Chemistry Certificate during VSUs virtual 229thAchievement Award; and the 2017 W.R. and Dorothy Salter Commencement on May 9. Scholarship. She was a Zell Miller Scholar. I am very thankful to be a recipient of this prestigious award, sheDurrani is currently attending medical school at Philadelphia College said. Being named the top graduate of my college has meant soof Osteopathic Medicine. She said she hopes to become a doctor much to me because of all the hard work I put in those four years atone day so that I can practice in rural and medically underserved VSU. This achievement has motivated me to be even better in mycommunities. She is the daughter of Dost and Azra Durrani and current studies.sister of Daanish Durrani.In addition to this award, she continued, I am thankful for my family, my friends, and the professors Ive had over the years. I amC olleGe ofn urSinG& h eAlthS CienCeSwhere I am today because of their constant support.As a student at VSU, Durrani was a member of the Arabic Culturel eAhS uzAnneA kinSof Nashville, Club, where she served as president from 2018 to 2020 and viceGeorgia, is the recipient of the Spring president from 2017 to 2018; the Psi Phi Chapter of Beta Beta Beta:2020 Presidents Award for Academic The National Biological Honor Society; Student Members of theExcellence for the College of Nursing American Chemical Society; and the Honors Student Association.and Health Sciences at Valdosta State She served others as a volunteer with South Georgia MedicalUniversity. She graduated summa cum Centers Emergency Department and the universitys Collegelaude with a Bachelor of Science in Assistance Migrant Program.Exercise Physiology during VSUs virtual 229th Commencement on May 9.Under the direction of Dr. John Barbas of the Department of Chemistry, Durrani tackled two research topics. She presentedIt is truly an honor to be named the top Silica as a Medium for the Synthesis of Chiral Imines and Aminesgraduate of my college, and in doing so, I at VSUs 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium, where sheam proud to represent VSUs Exercise Physiology Program, she said. earned first place honors in the Department of Chemistry division and second place honors in the College of Science and MathematicsAs a student at VSU, Akins was a member of the Exercise Physiology division. She presented on this same subject matter at the 70thClub and a student intern at the campus-based Center for Exercise Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.Medicine and Rehabilitation. She volunteered at the universitys Her research titled Synthesis of Boronic Esters on Silica, Molecularannual Benefits and Wellness Fair and with Special Olympics, where Sieves, and Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate was presented at VSUsshe helped provide health services and education to athletes with 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium. intellectual and/or physical disabilities.Under the direction of Dr. Jonghoon Kang of the DepartmentAkinss commitment to academic and service excellence resulted in of Biology, Durrani was able to share her research papers in threeher earning repeated spots on the Deans List, as well as the 2019 peer-reviewed scientific journals. Thermodynamic Analysis ofBlazer Creed Award of Civility and a free exam voucher to pursue the Binding of p38 MAPK to Substrate Proteins was publishedAmerican College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist in The Journal of Biological Chemistry in January. Enthalpy- credentials. She was also a Zell Miller Scholar. Entropy Compensation in the Effect of Preservation Solutions 230TH COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY| 43'