Women's and Gender Studies

VSU's Women's and Gender Studies program is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship devoted to the study of women and gender as a social construction, one that intersects with class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.  Our faculty and students are both scholars and feminist activist, pursuing intellectual work and achievement with a vision of social justice.  In WGST, we explore the connections between academic inquiry and personal life, therefore, students have the unique opportunity to participate in process-oriented classrooms, where they are expected to be active participants in their own learning.  We hope you take a few minutes to explore our web site and learn more about our minor and social justice work.



  • To promote gender equity and an academic climate that hears and respects women's voices.
  • To provide resources and an intellectual context for students, the University, and the community which facilitates individual and collaborative research about women, gender, and sexualities.
  • To promote the integration of women, gender, and sexuality issues into courses across the disciplines and so encourage critical and sensitive thinking about women, gender, and sexualities.
  • To initiate and co-sponsor events related to women, gender, and sexualities with campus departments and student organizations.
  • To offer networking, advocacy, and support for all faculty, staff, and students.

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