We know that today’s parents want to be involved in their student’s education. And we know that parent involvement can be extremely influential when it comes to enrollment, retention and promoting student success. That’s why we offer a parent engagement platform that turns parents into partners.1

The VSU Parent and Family Experience is a comprehensive portal for parents of VSU students to receive answers and information about their student's experience at Valdosta State, and to connect parents with student's academic and financial information through the proper access channels. 

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Connect to Your Student

Did you know you can connect to your student on The Valdosta State Parent & Family Experience and support them in meeting their educational goals? Simply send a connection request to your student, and if your students grants you access, you'll get real-time updates and notifications on select academic and financial records, including:

  • Financial Aid Requirements (whether or not they've been met)
  • New Bills & Account Balance
  • Holds on Account
  • GPA & Grade Information
  • Class Schedule

Start now at valdosta.campusesp.com!

How to Connect to Your Student

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1Source: https://www.campusesp.com/impact