1. Go to the VSU Student Health Center home page.

  2. On the right side, click on SHC Online Student Portal/Schedule Appointment. This will take you to the Login page.

  3. If you have already set up a student portal account, you will enter your 870 number and password. (Then skip to step 9)

  4. If you do not have a student portal account, you will click to register.

  5. When registering, type your information (VSU ID, birthdate, VSU email, etc.) and set up your security question and answer. Be careful not to use any “auto correct” or “autofill” when entering your information or you will not be able to sign in. Press register when finished.

  6. A green bar will come up. Read instructions carefully. It will instruct you to go to your VSU email to set up your password using the security question you made.

  7. After you have received the email, read the instructions carefully. You will click on the link.

  8. Once you have created your password, you will return to the login page. Use your 870 number and password you just created to log into your Student Portal.

  9. Once you are logged in, select My Forms at the top of the screen. Please complete the Counseling Center Informed Consent Form, Telehealth Consent Form, Client Demographic Intake Form, and No-Show Policy only.

Thank you for completing your forms prior to your phone assessment!