VSU Alcohol Policy

  1. The use, possession, or transportation of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by students under the age of 21.

  2. If a student is under the influence of alcohol and under the age of 21, he/she will be cited for underage consumption of alcohol and referred to the appropriate authorities for disposition by the appropriate judicial process.

  3. No student shall be in an intoxicated state manifested by boisterousness, rowdiness, obscene or indecent appearance, or by vulgar, profane, lewd, or unbecoming language.

  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages of possession of an open container of alcoholic beverages on University property is prohibited in public areas. (A public area is defined as any area outside of an individual's living quarters.) Students over age 21 who publicly consume alcohol or possess an open container of alcoholic beverage on University property are considered in violation of this policy.

  5. No student shall furnish or cause to be furnished any alcoholic beverage to any person under the legal drinking age.

  6. Serving alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated is prohibited.

  7. Any VSU recognized student organization that sponsors, permits, or allows social event with alcohol, and fails to prevent the consumption of said alcohol by underage attendees via established University guidelines, will be cited for violation of Paragraph A, 1 & 5, Paragraphs L, and R of the Student Code of conduct, and will be dealt with as an organization.

  8. No alcohol may be purchased with student activity organization funds.