Let’s Party Tips

If you plan to drink...

  1. EAT FIRST -- eat bread, pasta, peanut butter, or other foods high in starch or protein that will slow alcohol absorption.

  2. KEEP TRACK of how many drinks you are having and know your limits.

  3. DON'T MIX drugs (prescriptions or over-the-counter medications) with alcohol.

  4. Drink only if you want to. Don't let others decide for you.

  5. DANCE! By staying active, you will drink less and be more aware of how much you've already had.

  6. WATCH OUT for those drinking games! Why pass out and miss all the fun?

  7. DRINK SOMETHING BESIDES ALCOHOL for the last hour or so of the party. This will allow your body to burn off some of the alcohol.

  8. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DRINK, but feel pressured to, carry a decoy drink, i.e., a glass filled with ice and soda.

Remember....it's OK not to drink!