Take the Anonymous Mindwise Mental Health Screening


The Counseling Center is a free resource provided to all VSU students, where they can examine personal, family, social, and academic concerns including:

  • Academic goals, coursework, and grades- test anxiety
  • Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling unmotivated or depressed
  • Managing chronic or emerging Mental Health conditions
  • Relationship concerns and conflicts with roommates and friends
  • Dating violence or sexual assault
  • Adjusting to social life at college
  • Feeling disconnected from support systems at home
  • Balancing multiple demands (academic, relationships, and finances)
  • Loss of a loved one (grief)
  • Difficulties communicating with professors or other individuals 
  • Choices about educational and career directions and life after college

Please see our services for more information.

The Counseling Center is a SAFE ZONE for individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, physical appearances/sizes, and gender identities.