Valdosta State University

Student Union 

Reservation Policy

The Student Union Reservations Office is responsible for the reservation for all meeting/conference/activity space in the Student Union.  The primary objective of the Student Union Reservations Office is to serve the members of the Valdosta State University community including students, faculty, staff, alumni and occasional non-university groups.  In the event that there is no space available in the Student Union, we will provide university groups with contact information for other reservable space on the Valdosta State campus.

This document works in conjunction to the University’s Policies & Procedures for Facility and Event Reservation for Non-Classroom Instruction.  Additional polices for specific events may also apply.  Please contact or visit the Student Union Reservations Office to discuss individual program needs.

General Reservation Policies


A request for space does not guarantee that a space will be assigned.  The Student Union Reservations Office reserves the right to reject any reservation that it determines programmatically and operationally too difficult to accommodate.  Reservation requests may also be denied if the organization or event is in conflict with any university policies and/or if the event is not in keeping with the primary mission of the Student Union. Documentation will be provided with the reasons for the denial.

Requests must be submitted via the Electronic Event Request Form. No oral or tentative reservations will be accepted.  No advertisement should be posted until the requestor receives a signed copy of the contract(s) or a final email confirmation.

Please retain a copy of your event confirmation and/or contract for your records.

Only the Primary or Secondary Contact Person (Event Coordinator or President in regards to Student Organizations) may change a room reservation.

Per the Student Organization Handbook, “It is understood that Valdosta State University holds each organization responsible for the actions of its members and their guests at all times”. This includes events held within the Student Union.

Reservations are non-transferable.  Groups may not contact other groups to negotiate or bargain for space.  (See Section 5 of Policies & Procedure for Facility and Event Reservation for Non-Classroom Instruction)

VSU Organizations and Departments are only allowed up to two repetitive reservations, per week in the Student Union. Any repetitive reservation may not have a duration longer than two hours without prior approval from the Student Union Reservation Coordinator. This will prevent monopolization of unique facilities, so that they may be available for all organizations throughout the semester. No non-university groups are allowed standing reservations at any time.

VSU Organizations and Departments hosting multiple day conferences in the Student Union may be assessed a rental fee for all location and equipment usage for the conference. Appropriate rental fees will be determined by the Reservations Coordinator.

No organization may request a location for another organization’s use. Event requests must be submitted by the intending organization and are not allowed to be transferred between organizations. Examples including: Alpha Alpha Alpha may not reserve a location for Acme Hardware and Student Life may not reserve a location for Beta Beta Beta. (See Section 5 of Policies & Procedure for Facility and Event Reservation for Non-Classroom Instruction)


Equipment (audio-visual, tables, chairs, easels, etc.) is placed in marked reserved spaces at the request of the individual reserving the space.  Equipment should remain in the reserved space for the duration of the event.  If there is a need to move or remove the equipment during an event, please include a request for assistance at the time the reservation is submitted. Any additional changes to the room setup must be made 24 hours prior to the event. Changes requested past this deadline will be charged a re-setup fee. The fee amount will be determined by the Reservation Coordinator.

The baby grand piano located in the Pre-function area can be moved into the Ballrooms for a fee, but it should be requested at the time the event request is submitted. Only Student Union Staff may set up or break down spaces.

Event Coordinators wanting to provide their own audio visual equipment are required to state so in the initial reservation request. The Student Union Staff are not required to provide any assistance to Event Coordinators who fail to observe this request. Please contact the Reservations Office to set up a meeting to test AV if needed.

If an event is requiring an audio visual technician to be present through the duration of the event, the organization may be charged the audio visual technician hourly rate.

No stepping or strolling will be permitted on the Student Union stage. Stepping and Strolling are ONLY permitted on the dance floor. If caught doing either on the stage, your organization will receive an automatic policy violation and possibly fined if damaged.

Improper use of any equipment will result in a policy violation and possible charges.

Event Set-Up

At no time may doors, fire exits, elevators, hallways, or foot traffic be blocked by an event or event set-up.  All set-ups must observe fire code and ADA accessibility.

No event may use the Catering Corridor located behind the Student Union Ballrooms unless prior approval has been granted from the Student Union Reservations Coordinator.

Extended Hours

Any event that requires the building to be open before or after normal operating hours will incur additional overtime charges. This includes both Student Organizations and Non-University Groups; No group is exempt.  The charges are $100 per hour for regular overtime and $250 per hour for holiday overtime.

Food Services

Valdosta State University has contracted with Aramark to provide all food service, including catering, for the Student Union.  All groups wishing to have food at their event need to contact Catering, conveniently located next door to the Student Union Reservations Office.   Donated food will be allowed.  Donated food is defined as food that is brought in by the users and not delivered (i.e. Pizzas, sub sandwiches, etc. - prepackaged, premade foods).

Organizations are prohibited from cooking food on campus unless it is in conjunction with University Catering (Aramark) or an approved vendor. (Example: grills, hot plates or crock pots) Exceptions to this policy may be approved by Event Services or the Student Union Reservation Office. Any stains will result in a fine.

Cleaning Responsibilities

All groups using the Student Union facilities are responsible for the proper use of the reserved space, furnishings, and equipment.  Any damage or missing items will be billed to the sponsoring organization. 

All groups are required to return the reserved space to its original condition before departing.  The space should be free and clear of all trash and debris. Any decorative material used in the reserved space should also be removed. Failure to clean-up after any event in the Student Union will result in additional charges to the group.



Groups should confer with the Reservation Staff regarding decorations best suited for use within the Student Union. No tape, staples, glue, nails, or hooks may be used to secure materials to walls, windows, ceilings, columns, doors, doorframes, staging, curtains, or other surfaces.

Decorations and displays that require flame, sand, glitter, confetti, or water may not be used in the Student Union without written permission from the Student Union Director or his/her designee.

Balloons are not allowed in the Student Union Ballrooms unless prior approval is granted from the Student Union Reservations Coordinator.

Policy Violations

If a group fails to abide by all of the Student Union policies, they will obtain a policy violation. The policy violation is to be signed and returned to the Student Union Reservation Office by the specified date on the violation. Failure to return the violation by the specified date will result in a hold on all future events scheduled campus wide. If a group collects two policy violations within a semester, the group will lose reserving privileges in the Student Union and any other campus reserving location for at least one semester and all future events will be cancelled.


The use of any type of tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco) in the Student Union is strictly prohibited.

Storage or Delivery of Materials/Equipment

The Student Union does not have space available to store materials or equipment for groups using the facility.  Materials and/or equipment that needs to be delivered prior to an event must be approved by the Student Union Reservations Staff to ensure that requestor’s event space will be available at the time of delivery.

The Student Union assumes no responsibility for damages to or loss of materials or equipment left in the building or on display.

Academic Classes

Academic classes are not allowed to reserve or hold class in the Student Union.  The facility is funded with Student Fees meant to support student programs, activities, and services only.

A one-time special event for a class maybe acceptable as long as it doesn't’t interfere with the Union’s primary mission.