CAB Constitution

Constitution Campus Activities Board Valdosta State University

The name of this organization shall be the Campus Activities Board (hereinafter referred to as CAB). The organization will be the student activities programming component of the Student Life department at Valdosta State University (hereinafter referred to as VSU). Student Life is a department within the division of Student Affairs.

Article II. Mission Statement, Purpose, and Goals

Section I. Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Campus Activities Board is to enrich the campus life experience by encouraging involvement of all students in entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable.

Section II. Purpose

CAB functions to enrich the educational, cultural, social, and recreational needs of the VSU students. CAB provides interesting, exciting, and diverse experiences in order to educate and entertain our students. This is achieved through the production and implementation of a variety of activities and programs. CAB shall encourage the development of leadership skills through organizing, facilitation, and participating in activities and programs.

Section III. Goals

  1. Complement the academic programs of the University

  2. Work to unify the campus community by providing diverse activities that reach the entire student population

  3. Promote individual and group self-worth and dignity

  4. Cultivate student leadership, citizenship, organization, dedication, time management, and responsibility

  5. Teach promotions, budgeting, networking and recruiting skills

  6. Contribute to the recruitment and retention efforts of the University.

Article III. Membership

Section I. Eligibility

Any member of the VSU student body registered as a full time student (12 hours per semester undergraduate, 9 hours per semester graduate, unless approved by advisor in the case of graduating senior.) and in good standing with the University may apply for membership as a volunteer committee member. Application for membership will be open and ongoing throughout the school year. Membership will be granted to any students who meet the eligibility requirements. No student shall be denied membership because of race, sex, creed, national origin, color, age, sexual orientation, or religious preference.

Section II. Attendance

Members are required to attend their respective committee meetings, scheduled at least bi-weekly throughout the regular school semesters (Fall and Spring). If a member misses at least two meetings they will be directed through the removal of membership process (Article IV).

Section III. General Members

General members of CAB are volunteers who serve on the various committees under the CAB officers.


  1. Responsible for aiding in selecting, coordinating, planning, implementing and evaluating activities
  2. Responsible for attending the events as needed by the officer
  3. Attend biweekly meetings with committee throughout regular school semesters

Article IV. Removal of Membership

Membership in CAB may be revoked for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to remain in good standing at VSU
  2. Violation of the student handbook and student code of conduct
  3. Violation of the constitution of CAB

Failure to meet duties as prescribed of Committee Members Procedure for membership removal:

  1. A meeting will be scheduled with the member, Committee Head, and Advisor, at which time it will be decided if there should be a probationary period or immediate removal. The advisor will contact all parties involved.
  2. If immediate removal is decided upon, the member will not be permitted to participate for the duration of the current semester but will be allowed to reapply the following semester.
  3. A probationary period will be for the duration of the current semester, after the semester is over, the member’s status will be reevaluated and they may be granted good membership status again. After two consecutive semesters of being placed on probation, the member may be immediately removed (see procedure 2).

Article V. Officers

Section I. Requirements for Officers

The officers of CAB must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have and maintain at least a 2.75 overall grade point average (cumulative)
  2. Be in good standing with the University
  3. Be enrolled in at least twelve credit hours (undergraduate) or nine credit hours (graduate) during term in office unless approved by advisor in the case of graduating senior.
  4. Be a member of CAB in good standing for at least one semester before applying for office, and one year before applying for office of Director of Programming. This requirement may be overlooked with a 2/3 vote of the Officer Selection Committee.

Section II. Responsibilities of All Officers

  1. Meet biweekly with CAB advisor and other officers
  2. Develop and maintain a committee for your respective office
  3. Promote CAB unity and identity
  4. As an official representative of CAB, work as a liaison to members of the VSU Community
  5. Maintain a minimum of 10 scheduled office hours per week
  6. Attend officer trainings, retreats, regional and national conferences, and other functions as assigned by directors or advisors
  7. Answer all correspondents from advisor, directors, and/or other CAB officers and members within a timely manner (48-72 hours)
  8. Meet all deadlines set forth by CAB directors and advisors
  9. Uphold and abide by all university policies and procedures and the CAB constitution
  10. Responsible for the development of a comprehensive schedule of campus events and the coordination of the daily operations of CAB
  11. Attend all events scheduled within your office or designate a committee member to attend with advisor’s approval
  12. Schedule and conduct biweekly meetings with your respective committee. Notes and attendance must be taken at the meetings and submitted electronically to the Director of Programming and Advisor within a week of the meeting
  13. Support CAB through attendance at programs and events
  14. Keep CAB office clean and organized during term
  15. Perform other duties as assigned by the directors and advisor
  16. Individual duties as outlined in the committees section

Section III. Responsibilities of the Director of Programming

  1. Ensure that all CAB events are planned thoroughly in advance
  2. Meet with CAB chairs to discuss event details and designate responsibilities
  3. Ensure that all CAB events run smoothly and supervise events on site when deemed necessary
  4. Promote open communication between CAB advisor, CAB officers, and CAB members
  5. Plan and coordinate CAB trainings
  6. Plans and creates agendas for CAB biweekly meetings, produces minutes to be sent to CAB officers and advisor within a week of the meeting
  7. Facilitate CAB biweekly meetings and make them as productive as possible
  8. Assist in motivating and involving all members
  9. Obtain feedback and ideas from CAB officers about meetings
  10. Set appropriate deadlines for information to be obtained from officers throughout term
  11. Review all CAB vendor contracts before submitting for approval to CAB advisor
  12. Review all Event Planning forms before submitted for approval to CAB advisor
  13. Oversee all co-sponsorship requests and seek approval from CAB advisor before designating to specific CAB officer(s)
  14. Coordinate with CAB advisor and Director of Promotion and Evaluation for semesterly evaluation of CAB events, officers, and chairpersons
  15. Regularly (2-3 times per week) check CAB email and voicemail and disperse messages to appropriate officers
  16. Perform other duties as assigned by advisor

Section IV. Responsibilities of Director of Promotion and Evaluation

The Director of Promotion and Evaluation assumes the duties of the Director of Programming in his or her absence.

Promotes the CAB organization in a fun and exciting way

Implements new ideas for promotion

Designs and implements a promotional plan for each event. Is able to dictate what needs to be accomplished

Ensures that promotions are created in advance

Establishes a promotions committee for CAB

Works with Officers and members to produce and distribute advertising (i.e. posters, flyers, and other materials)

Arranges for campus monitor messages and releases of event information to Student Life

Ensures that each event receives a thorough evaluation of its effectiveness and future recommendations through event evaluation forms

Establish a system for organizing program evaluations to be used for future events

Help retain members through recognition and appreciation

Assess students’ preferences for future events

Maintain the CAB university website and any social media sites employed to promote CAB and its events

Correspond with committee to determine appropriate promotional material to order and submit order request to advisor

Ensure CAB is represented at all campus wide promotional days

Plan and coordinate recruiting event in the Spring semester to encourage applications for CAB members and officers

Coordinate with CAB advisor and Director of Promotion and Evaluation for semesterly evaluation of CAB events, officers, and chairpersons

Perform other duties as assigned by advisor

Section VI. Responsibilities of the Blazer Spirit and Traditions Officer

The Blazer Spirit and Traditions Officer is responsible for overseeing annual events in which CAB participates in such as Fall Explosion, Homecoming Week, CAB Cookout, etc. They are also responsible for producing university-wide student spirit events for VSU Student Blazers to promote school pride and team spirit. This can include non-alcoholic tailgates, Wear Red Get Fed, etc. They should coordinate with VSU Athletics and other campus entities to ensure there are no competing spirit events. The amount of events scheduled by the Blazer Spirit and Traditions Officer will depend on the time of year and athletic events; this will be discussed and agreed upon before event scheduling timeline begins.

Section VII. Responsibilities of the CAB LIVE Officer

The CAB LIVE Officer is responsible for scheduling live performer events. This may include concerts, comedians, speakers, talent shows, etc. They are responsible for ensuring a diverse variety of live events for VSU students to attend. At least two events per month should be planned along with at least two events in the semester being during the day (before 6pm).

Section VIII. Responsibilities of the Blazers After Dark Officer

The Blazers After Dark Officer is responsible in scheduling late night events for VSU students. Events can include interactive activities, games, movies, novelty acts, and other entertainment. They are responsible for ensuring a diverse variety of events are provided for all VSU students to attend. The events will begin after 7pm. At least two events per month should be planned not including movie weekends. The B.A.D. Officer is also responsible in overseeing the CAB Movie weekends. Movie schedule must be approved by CAB Executive Board and advisor during the event timeline. The B.A.D. Officer, or a committee member is responsible for attending the movie weekends, providing snacks (if determined appropriate), and ensuring all attendees are VSU students.


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Section IX. Responsibilities of the Special Events Officer

The Special Events Officer is responsible for scheduling a wide range of “out of the box” events. This can include interactive games, inflatables, novelty acts, keepsakes, etc. They are responsible for offering a diverse variety of events to the VSU student body. At least two events per month should be planned along with at least one of those being during the day (6pm).

Section X. Responsibilities of the Blazers on the Go Officer

The Blazers on the Go Officer is responsible for planning excursions outside of the VSU campus. Events may include bowling, roller skating, theater/dance performances, art exhibits, etc. They should be in tune with the events within the Valdosta community and plan events to encourage VSU student participation. They are also responsible in scheduling the annual VSU Braves Game trip with approval from the advisor. They are responsible for ensuring transportation of VSU students is provided when deemed necessary by the officer, advisor and VSU administration. At least two events per month should be planned.

Section XI. Officer Selection Process

The officers are selected by an interview committee. The process will be as follows:

  1. Applications for CAB officers will be available during the Spring semester and will be provided to all interested CAB members at committee meetings and available at various CAB events and through the CAB university website.

  2. All applications for officer positions will be required to interview with the interview committee at the selected time.

  3. The interview committee will consist of the following people but are not limited to: a. The CAB advisor

    b. A CAB member
    c. A Current CAB officer who is not reapplying for his/her position d. A person not affiliated with CAB
    e. The newly appointed CAB Director of Programming

  4. If one of the current officers is applying for a CAB position, then she or he may not be part of the interview committee.

Section XI. Director Selection Process

The directors are selected by the current directors with advisement from the advisor. The process will be as follows:
1. A formal application must be submitted by any current officers interested in either director positions. 2. All applicants for the director positions will be required to interview with the current directors and

3. In the event a current director is seeking another term or another director position, a current officer

selected by the advisor will fill their position on the interview committee.

Section XIII. Removal of an Officer

If at any time an officer fails to maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA, is not enrolled in the appropriate number of hours for the semester, or is not in good standing with the university, the officer shall be required to meet with the CAB advisor to review his or her situation. The advisor will recommend that the officer either resign or be placed on probation based on the circumstances that are presented in the meeting.


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CAB officers may be removed for just cause. The advisor is required to first document any alleged offenses and supply reasonable supporting evidence. The CAB officers will be held to a “three strike” rule. An officer will be given a verbal warning regarding failure to fulfill their responsibilities. After a verbal warning is issued, if the officer fails to fulfill their responsibilities again during their term they will be given a written warning. Following a written warning will be termination as an Officer of CAB.

Removal of a director will result in the appointment of an officer to the position by the advisor.

Removal of an officer will result in the appointment of a committee member to the position as seen fit by the Executive Board and advisor.

Dismissal appeals must be received in writing within five business days of the dismissal. Appeals will be evaluated by the advisor. The dismissed will be notified of appeal within five business days following the date of received.

Section IV. Payment of Directors and Officers

All Directors and Officers of VSU’s CAB will receive a monthly stipend of $150.00 from August of their term to May at the end of their term. The payment will come at the end of each month and be direct deposited into the account determined by the CAB Director or Officer upon completion of their hiring paperwork. Any issues with payment should first be directed to the Advisor who will inform the Director or Officer who to follow up with in Financial Services.

Article VI. Advisor

The advisor of CAB is a professional staff member in the department of Student Life.

Section I. Responsibilities of the Advisor

  1. Attend various CAB functions and Officer meetings of CAB regularly

  2. Offer assistance and advice to CAB directors, officers, and committee members with respect to

    Campus Activities Board activities

  3. Represent CAB within the faculty and administration

  4. Maintain all financial information of CAB and submit monthly financial reports to directors and officers

  5. Ensure the directors and officers are appropriately upholding their positions and accordingly navigating

    the procedures and policies of CAB’s constitution and VSU

Article VII. Meetings

Regular meetings of CAB shall be held on a biweekly basis and conducted as designated by the Director of Programming. A schedule of meetings will be set forth at the first semesterly meeting.

Article VIII. Finances

Section I. Funding
CAB shall be funded with Student Activities Fees and proceeds from ticket sales to events. Section II. Fiscal Responsibility


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As CAB is funded through Student Activities Fees, CAB is entrusted with the responsibility to properly spend the students’ money in favor of the campus’ diverse interests.

  1. The Executive Board (directors and officers) shall openly discuss all CAB proposed events for the following semester. All proposed events shall be approved with a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board.

  2. Any funding for an event over 25% of an officer’s budget must be proposed to the Executive Board and approved by the advisor.

  3. If an officer requests for more funding other than what is available to them through their own budget, the officer may make an agreement with another officer(s) regarding additional funding. This agreement includes approval of the other officer who is offering funding, and an Executive Board 2/3 vote.

Article IX. Request for Co-sponsorship

CAB defines co-sponsorship as a joint expertise, knowledge, money, and labor of each party. Equal recognition will be given to the groups involved.

Co-sponsorship does not involve the donation of money to a group without the active participation by both the requesting group and CAB in the process of the event.

If a VSU registered student organization has requested for CAB to consider co-sponsorship on an event, the requesting student organization is required to submit the Co-Sponsorship form at least four weeks in advance of the planned event to the Director of Programming. The requesting student organization must be in “good standing” with Student Life and all reserving entities on campus. An evaluation will be made by the Director of Programming, Executive Board and Advisor as to if a co-sponsorship can be agreed upon. The evaluation will be based on the constitutionality of the proposal. Constitutionality will be defined as meeting the goal and purposes of CAB as stated in the constitution. The Director of Programming along with the Executive Board’s suggestions will determine the office in which your event would fall under. It is the responsibility of the officer to determine his or her committee’s budge constraints and interests. You will be notified by the Director of Programming within two week following your request submission of the decision.


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