VSU Campus Recreation Youth Camps

What We Offer

For our inaugural year of youth summer camps, VSU Campus Recreation is offering two themed day-camp weeks: Outdoor Adventures and Rec Life. Both camps will provide immersive recreational experiences in a fun, positive and safe environment. Our programs and activities are designed to encourage social growth and life skill development in our campers through the exercising of teamwork, community building, positive competition and healthy sportsmanship.


VSU Campus Recreation Youth Camp programs provide a fun and safe environment where youth are encouraged to develop an appreciation of recreation, the outdoors and being part of a community.

Philosophy & Values

We view camp as a unique opportunity for children to experience fun and exciting activities that they may not normally have access to. We strive to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that serves as a backdrop for youth social, intellectual and creative growth. Our staff actively create an atmosphere that engenders a sense of belonging in participants. Youth will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships, try new activities, explore nature, and more.

We value fun, enthusiasm, discovery, integrity, civility, and citizenship.

Summer 2018 Day Camps

outdoor adventure  Rec Life Camp

Summer 2018 Trial Camp Days