Request for Textbooks/Materials in Accessible Formats

If you are a student for whom print materials present a barrier, you may request your materials in alternate formats by completing and submitting this form. Students requesting textbooks should do so as soon as possible after they are registered for their courses as it could take up to 21 business days to complete a textbook in alternate format.

The Access Office is required to obtain proof that the student is in possession of a copy of any textbooks prior to releasing any alternate formats. Examples of proof can include, but is not limited to, the following:

Sales receipt

Email confirmation for rental, purchase, digital download, etc.

Scan/picture of the front and back cover of the book

Print out/screen shot from library indicating book has been borrowed

Once the request has been completed, you will receive a welcome email providing directions on how to access the book. The email will have a link to the Download Center of AMAC. Here AMAC also has free screen reading software available. Please contact the Access Office or AMAC to find out the appropriate software for your specific hardware and operating system.

The Access Office also has the ability to convert books and materials in house. Items such as handouts can be enlarged or scanned into a pdf format. This can also be done for portions of books that you need while waiting on AMAC to process. Simply bring the material you need converted into the Access Office. If it is a textbook please bring a copy of your syllabus, so that we can scan the sections of the book in the appropriate order for your course.


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