Dr. Maureece Levin

 OFFICE: Nevins Hall 1124

PHONE: 229.333.5485

Dr. Maureece Levin

I am an anthropological archaeologist and environmental anthropologist with interests in historical ecology, food production and systems, cultural niche construction, traditional ecological knowledge, and island environments. I completed my B.A. in Anthropology at Whitman College (with a minor in Japanese), and my M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Oregon.  My research specialization is in archaeobotany (paleoethnobotany) - that is, the study of plant remains from archaeological sites.  In my research, I apply archaeological plant data, as well as other archaeological data, to the study of human landscape use and agricultural systems over the long periods of time. I also conduct ethnographic research, talking to modern people to better understand how they farm and eat today.  Ultimately, I am interested in the long-term sustainability of the ways that people grow food.  Much of my work has been focused on the Micronesian region, but I have strong interests in East Asia and have collaborated on work globablly.

One of my favorite things about being an anthropologist is engaging other interested folks in conversations about the human past and present.  Currently, I teach anthropology and sociology here at VSU. Previously, I have taught introductory anthropology classes across subdisciplines, as well as topics such as archaeobotany, environmental archaeology, human diets, and Pacific Islands archaeology at American River College, Santa Rosa Junior College, Stanford University and the University of Oregon.  I also enjoy visiting classrooms and museums to talk about anthropology, history, and science with people of all ages.  I strongly believe that descendant communities are the rightful owners of the archaeological records of their ancestors, and that everyone has the right to know and critique what archaeologists are learning and saying about their own ancestors.

My inbox is always open to questions and communication from students interested in anthropology! Please get in touch by sending me an email at mlevin@valdosta.edu .