K-5 Mathematics Endorsement Program

  • Total Credit Hours: 9
  • Degree Format: Online

About this field

The Mathematics Endorsement Program for K-5 Teachers is a graduate level online competency-based program designed to strengthen and enhance the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of individuals teaching mathematics in grades K-5. In this project-based program, candidates demonstrate their competence by completing performance-based assessments. Upon mastery of all program-associated competencies, candidates certified in Georgia will be eligible to add the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement to their professional certificate.

The program requires an authentic residency in which candidates further develop their knowledge and skills through real applications in actual elementary classroom settings. These authentic experiences shall occur in candidates’ assigned classrooms, as well as in settings other than candidates’ assigned classrooms to ensure experiences with diverse students and with students in multiple grade level bands.

The identified competencies are organized into three courses (ELED 6010, ELED 6020, and ELED 6030). Each course focuses on a unique area of mathematics (Numbers and Number Systems, Measurement and Geometry, and Algebra, Patterns, Data Analysis and Probability) as well as interdisciplinary mathematics perspectives as defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards at the K-8 level.  The courses may be taken in any sequence to allow the candidate to align what is being taught in their own classrooms with the content of the course. For more information on certification requirements for this program please contact, Crystal Marshall at cmarshall@valdosta.edu.

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