ORGL Override Request

FOR ORGL 4000, ORGL 4690, AND POLS 4860 ONLY

For the ORGL program, the following courses must be taken in order: ORGL 3000, ORGL 3050, ORGL 4000, ORGL 4690. As a result, the upper level classes are closed so that students cannot register for them without being advised. If you need to take the upper level courses, you must request an override. Our office will verify that you have taken the appropriate prerequisites and can then override you into the course.

For the POLS 4860 courses, they have the same designation (POLS 4860) but different titles. If you register for more than one POLS 4860 course, then the registration system will show an error due to a duplicate name. In that case, you can request an override into the second course.

NOTE: You must be advised before receiving an override. If you have not been advised, then please contact Kyle Rudrow at (229) 333-2139 or

Please note that when you request a course with a specific CRN number that we cannot guarantee that you will be entered into that exact course. You may specify which one you prefer; however, if that class is at capacity, then we may need to put you in a course with a different professor. After the override has been processed, please check the details of the class listed.

If you need to be overridden into more than one course, please submit an additional request form. After our office processes the request, we will send a confirmation email alerting you whether the override was successful. Please note that we cannot process overrides if you have holds due to parking tickets. You will need to pay your parking fees and then submit a new request.

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