At VSU we offer the following two programs in engineering: 

  1. A new B.S. degree program in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Industrial Engineering Technology.
  2. A well-established Regents’ Engineering Pathway Program (REPP) which satisfies at least two full years toward a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. Although most of the first two years of course work focus on basic physics, mathematics, and humanities core requirements, specialized engineering courses allow students to select a curriculum from among

The Single Degree program usually requires more than four years to complete the degree.

For more information, see the VSU Catalog or our Coordinator for the Regent's Engineering Pathway Program, Dr B. Hojjatie.

Our Faculty

Dr Mary Fares, PhD Electrical engineering
Dr Barry Hojjatie, PE, PhDProgram Coordinator Mechanical engineering



Where do our students transfer through the Regents' Engineering Pathway (REP) Program?

Other Schools that Accept VSU Transfer Students in Engineering

How Well Do Our Students Perform?

VSU students who have transferred engineering degree-granting institutions have achieved outstanding success while completing their degree requirements. The solid educational foundation and personal confidence attained while attending VSU provide a distinct advantage to succeed in advanced-level engineering course work within a highly competitive environment. More than 70% of our transfer students make the academic Dean's List at Georgia Tech and more than 10% of our transfer students have continued their studies to earn graduate degrees there. In addition, VSU ranks first of all the REPP schools in percentage of transfer students who have graduated from or are still enrolled at Georgia Tech (92%).

See course rotations: Engineering Studies and Engineering Technology

If you have questions or need additional information about our programs, please contact VSU's REP Director: Dr Hojjatie at (229) 333-5752. Questions concerning admissions can be addressed to the VSU Office of Admissions at (229) 333-5791 or toll free at (800) 618-1878.