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Tutorials and Other Sites to Learn More: 

Astronomy Animations, see astronomical processes in action! (VSU site)`lmolnar/moon/ lunar phases, tutorials  Solor System Simulator

Dance of Math and Physics how math and physics work together (VSU site)

Math Demonstrations   demonstrations in advanced mathematics (VSU site)

Out With a BANG! Black Holes   black holes explained (VSU site)

Color in Astronomy Images   what color images mean in astronomy (VSU site) terrific fossil site that shows locations of the continents at different times! (VSU site)

NASA and Space Centers: Kennedy Space Center, FL NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA Cassini mission to Saturn and Titan Galileo mission to Jupiter and moons International Space Station Space Shuttle Space Telescope Science Institute -- Hubble Space Telescope Earth observations; Mission to Earth Space Transportation Asteroids links at JPL Impact list, hazardous asteroids Telescopes looking for hazardous asteroids

Books and Journals: Sky Publishing Astronomy magazine home page Scientific American Mercury Magazine (ASP) Science Magazine (AAAS) – fee likely Astronomical Journal Astrophysical Journal Planetary Society and Report American Association of Advancement of Science Nature Magazine Astronomy Abstract service

Resources: SETI at home; help download and process SETI data Fact sheets for each planet, satellites, rings Planetary Society, Planetary Report Science Literacy: Benchmarks, Resources, Reforms Software Bisque Home page Astronomy Cafe Exploratorium Amazing Space astronomy and physics references to 1800s Customized maps Astro. labs for kids McDonald Observatory near Ft. Davis, TX Astronomy exploration site Astronomy information for children Georgia Department of Education Storm Prediction Center of NOAA National Weather Service

Other Useful links: NASA planetary photo journal Jobs with degrees in Physics Plot of inner planets and asteroids Science made Simple Apollo Moon landings from LPI

Organizations: Georgia Academy of Science American Astronomical Society Astronomical Society of the Pacific American Physical Society American Society of Physics Teachers Teach for America Planetary Society  National Radio Astronomy Observatory Students for the Exploration and Development of Space