2022 Fall Move-In Information

We are excited to welcome you all to campus this fall. Our staff have been working hard all summer planning for your arrival. We have put together some information about what to expect during move-in along with some tips about how to be successful throughout the process. With that we do encourage the following in order to maintain a safe and smooth transition for all students and families:

  • Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, have a temperature of 101.3 or higher, or identify as a person of high risk for exposure 
  • Pack only what you need as you will have time over Labor Day to bring more belongings if desired.
  • Please be reminded that students will have an hour to unload their car at their residence hall and should pack accordingly
  • Label all boxes, totes, and tubs with your name and room number.
  • We will only be allowing 2 cars per student and we do not permit trailers or U-hauls as the parking lots at the residence halls cannot accommodate them.
  • Do not bring pets during move-in as we do not allow pets into the residence halls and historically the temperature has been quite hot.
  • Individuals without the vaccine are highly encouraged to wear a face mask at all times.
  • Download the What to Bring Checklist from the Housing website
Move-in for fall 2022 will begin Tuesday, August 9th. Should we receive further direction from the university, the University System of Georgia, the State of Georgia, and the Centers for Disease Control, University Housing will provide updates via VSU email and on this page as they become available.


Please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life if you have any questions. You can email at Housing@valdosta.edu or call at 229-333-5920.

  • Arrival time slots

    Students will have the opportunity to select a specific time slot for their arrival to campus. This time slot is when students will arrive to the University Center for their check-in and then they will proceed to their residence hall. Time slots have been created to help us manage traffic around the residence halls and we ask that all students please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to their time slot. Students arriving earlier may be asked to wait until closer to their scheduled arrival time to get checked in. Students who arrive late may also be asked to wait as we work to fit them into the schedule.

    To help students and their families plan for move in, the following schedule is an outline of when each building will be moving in.  Please note that first-year students will be focused on Monday through Wednesday and returning students will be focused on Friday through Sunday.  Centennial Hall will also have move-in times available on Saturday.  

    Please see below for the move-in date and times available for your residence hall move-in.  When the portal opens in mid-July, you will only be able to see your specific day/times.  If you have a conflict with your scheduled arrival day and need to schedule a different day, please email housing-movein@valdosta.edu.


    First Year Students:



    Halls/Those Served

    Move-in Process

    Sunday, August 7th

    Approved Early Arrival Groups

    • Greek in Georgia
    • Sullivan Scholars in Georgia
    • Band-Various Halls
    • Camp in Langdale
    • Last Orientation
    • Other Athletics
    • Move-in Volunteers
    • Other Approved Early Arrivals

    At Their Halls Ran by RHD/HS

    Tuesday & Wednesday, August 9th and 10th New Student Move-In

    Tuesday, August 9th: Brown, Hopper, Langdale, Georgia/Reade


    Wednesday. August 10th: Lowndes, Hopper, Langdale, Georgia/Reade


    In Person at UC

    Friday-Sunday, August 12th-14th

    Returner Student Move-In

    Friday, August 12th move-in starts at 12pm in order to not clash with New Student Convocation (9am-5pm)

    Saturday, August 13th will be from 10am to 3pm in order to honor the Wild Adventures day

    Sunday, August 14th 10am to 2pm

    Returning students moving in on Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th, will NOT report to the University Center but will move-in directly to their assigned residence hall.



    All residents must schedule an arrival time slot. The arrival time slot scheduling site will open mid-July. The ability to select or change a timeslot will close 24 hours prior to move-in beginning.  More specific information about the site and how to schedule an arrival time slot will be shared in advance of the site opening.

    South Georgia State College Students

    SGSC Students will be moving into Langdale Hall on Friday, August 12th after they have completed their pre-check-in with SGSC at their office at the University Center. You will receive an email with more information and directions from SGSC. Please do not follow the schedule above.

    Approved Early Move-In Groups

    If you are part of an approved early move-in group (Greek Life, Marching Band, Red Hots, Football, ROTC, Sullivan’s, etc), your move-in dates will be August, 4th-7th.  You will need to contact your group sponsor/coach in order to coordinate your arrival. 

    Click Here To See How To Select A Move-In Time




  • Check-In Process

    University Center Parking Lot

    August 9th-13th, check-in for all of the halls (except Centennial and returning students in Hopper selecing Saturday move-in) will be in the University Center Parking Lot located at 1215 N. Patterson St. You will need to have your timeslot confirmation with you in order to begin the process. Please follow all signs and directions from volunteers to make the process as smooth as possible. Students arriving too early will be instructed to exit the parking lot and then return closer to their arrival time.  Students arriving late will be moved to a holding area and fit into the process as soon as we are able to. 

    All students are limited to 2 vehicles during move in and we do not allow trailers or U-hauls. We will have limited volunteers this year, so please be mindful when packing. Masks are highly encouraged to be worn by all non-vaccinated persons during the move in process. 

    Everyone will remain in their vehicles for the check in process at the University Center. Cars will be separated out according to the building the student is assigned to. During check-in students will receive a packet that includes:

    • Welcome Letter
    • Schedule for the rest of the week
    • Room Key (if applicable, Reade Hall does not use physical room keys)
    • Building specific maps for unloading and parking

    Students assigned to Hopper, Georgia, Reade or Centennial Halls - when you move in you will need to have your ID card encoded at your building.  If you have lost your ID card, you will need to get a new one from the 1Card Office prior to moving into your building. 

    Centennial Hall residents, you will head directly to Centennial Hall 1230 Sustella Ave for your check in process.  Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your selected check-in timeslot to ensure our traffic flow can be maintained. 

    Students with a balance – you may be asked to schedule a separate move-in time depending on the status of your student account. To avoid needing to delay your move-in, please ensure you have settled your student account prior to move-in. For questions, please reach out to the Bursary at 229-333-5725.

    Drivers will be issued one-hour parking hang tags to unload their vehicles and then be redirected to long-term parking lots after unloading.  Please be mindful that all cars will need to be moved after the 1-hour timeframe is up to allow for a smooth experience for all families.  Maps with unloading zones and long-term parking locations for each area of campus will be distributed at check-in.  Please follow directions outlined on your map and all signage along the streets for the arrival path to your assigned residence hall.  The paths ensure that we are not causing congestion on main streets in Valdosta.

  • Move in Process will continue at assigned residence hall

    Once you arrive to your assigned residence hall, students and their guests will have 1 hour to unload their vehicle(s), and then move them to long-term parking at Sustella Parking Deck.  You will be greeted by a volunteer who will take down contact information for drivers and given a time when your vehicle(s) must be moved. 

    We will have some move in carts available at each building, but please note that these are also only available for an hour and we will not have enough for each student to have one. 

    Once students have unloaded and moved their vehicle(s), students and guests may remain in the room to unpack. Roommates should also communicate together before arriving to campus to arrange who is bringing what large item, like fridges, tv, and rugs.  And remember 8 out of 10 students, when asked, said they wore the same 12 outfits during the semester and wished they had not packed so many clothes. 

    Visitation does not begin until students have met with their roommate(s) and completed a roommate agreement with their RA. For the purposes of guests during move-in, students will be limited to one guest in their building after 8pm on the day they move in.  For information on the standard guest policy, please see the Housing website.

  • What you'll need to move in

    Consider bringing a small cart or dolly. Although carts are available in many buildings, there is a limited number of carts available for students to use. You might also consider bringing a small tool kit and a pen for filling out several forms at check in.  You can also find a helpful list of things to bring and not to bring by clicking HERE

  • Checking into a residence hall room

    Each student must have his/her VSU 1 Card to check in. Students should know their student ID number and emergency contact information (preferably, this should be someone in the United States). Only the student can receive a room key; family members and roommates cannot check into a room and receive a key for a student.

  • Other Information

    Bed lofting is not available during move-in week due to the traffic and the tools needed to complete the process. We will resume bed lofting after the 2nd week of classes to allow time for everything to settle. This is also when we will start the room change process as space permits. Please watch your VSU email for information on the room change process.