Current COVID-19 Stats

Valdosta State University COVID-19 Exposures

Members of the Valdosta State University community should report either a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or a close contact with a person on or off campus who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Close Contact is defined as an interaction or contact that is both: 1) within 6ft from the person and 2) for 15 minutes or more. To assist with reporting, a COVID Self Reporting link has been added within MyVSU. 

Employees and students who report either situation will be contacted by members of our COVID Response Team (COVID Taskforce members, Human Resources, and Student Health). The employees on the Response Team are certified to have the initial discussions with those individuals within the University community who self-report. They also provide support and instruction for isolation or quarantine as per the CDC guidelines. 

The Student Health Center is using both a Rapid Response and a Saliva Test option to test VSU students who present with COVID health related concerns. 

The information below is presented by Valdosta State University to provide current, relevant information about the status of the COVID-19 pandemic on our campus. Please note:

  • This information includes both self-reported COVID positive test results and positive tests conducted by Student Health Services.
  • The totals include reports from individuals who have not been on campus recently, including faculty/students who are teaching/learning fully online.
  • The University is legally bound to protect the health and privacy information of individual faculty, staff, and students. HIPAA and FERPA laws prevent us from identifying anyone on the list and therefore data is not available by department or areas as it may inadvertently identify individuals.

Spring 2021 | Total Number of Employees: 1,390

Total Number of Students: 11,228

By Role

Week Ending:

New COVID+ Cases



TOTAL Active COVID+ Cases (10 day)

Friday, May 14 0


0 1
*The numbers represent point-in-time weekly reports on Friday at Noon.
** New COVID+ cases are defined as those diagnosed in this timeframe.