• Recommended clothing colors includes solid light pastel colors, medium blue or gray, and pale pink or tan.
  • Avoid wearing a lot of white, black or a vivid red. Cameras may have difficulty responding to those colors.
  • Avoid clothing patterns such as small checks, pinstripes, or herringbones, especially if there is a sharp contrast in color. Such contrasting patterns often generate a distracting shimmer when viewed on-camera.
  • Try to avoid highly reflective materials, and clothes that make noise when you move.
  • If you wear jewelry, make sure it is not making any noise. Avoid jewelry which may cause reflections that can be picked up by the camera. The same goes for any objects you will be using.
  • Please do not wear a hat.
  • Don't wear glasses unless you must. Avoid tinted glasses and glasses that darken in bright light.

You will wear a wireless microphone. It requires that you wear a small transmitter about the size of a deck of playing cards. You should wear something with a pocket or a belt to hold the transmitter.