Honors Leadership Activity

Leadership in education is concerned with transformative and collaborative learning experiences. Effective leadership motivates students to set objectives, achieve goals and make improvements. Leadership activities develop problem solving skills and enable one to adapt to ongoing changes in society.

Honors students are expected to engage in leadership activities and adhere to leadership principles. Leadership involves collaborative experiences not necessarily related with one’s authority or status. It is focused on implementing change, providing a solution, or making an improvement. Leadership is about one’s motivation, talents, vision, morale, and willingness to improve. 

PROVIDE A MODEL OF LEADERSHIP – Students are expected to research leadership models and principles. Below are several sources on leadership.


All leadership activities must be related to the Honors program objectives and the foundational values of scholarship, service learning, leadership, and global understanding. Insert any artifacts or materials that show you have met the objectives of this requirement.


Please complete the form the SEMESTER BEFORE you expect to complete your activity. Any incomplete forms will not be accepted. 

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