Honors Portfolios

All Honors students are required to complete a portfolio course (HONS 4990 or equivalent) to develop, assemble, and present an interdisciplinary portfolio as a record of accomplishments in Honors focusing on research, service, leadership, and global experience. The materials in the portfolio are considered evidence of learning and Honors educational outcomes. 

Below are several examples of successful ePortfolios:

Fall 2018

Sean Jankowski

Ansley Watson

Eric Burns

Silas David

Morgan Dunn

Fall 2017

Nicholas Anderson

Amelia Thomas

Kimberly Castro

Kristy Clark

Emily White

Spring 2018

Kirstyn James

Kaitlin Adams

Anna Joy Holton

Christine Zeigler

Raechel Dillingham

Spring 2017

Bailey Coursey

Logan Crace

Alicia Snowden

David Hanna

Ashley Davis